Part I: Electronic guidebooks, very useful to use the Globe-Trotter Kindle Edition April 2017, Western Spain and Portugal.

April 2017 western Spain and Portugal of the journey
April 2017 western Spain and Portugal of the journey


地球の歩き方 A23 ポルトガル 2016-2017 【分冊】 1 リスボンとコスタ・デ・リスボア ポルトガル分冊版より

In the first place, there are no Japanese guidebooks that can be used as a reference when visiting the countryside and beautiful villages in Europe that I like to visit, so I basically travel by relying on the Internet and local information. Even so, I always take a guidebook of the country I’m visiting with me on every trip.

When it comes to guidebooks, I sometimes buy Lonely Planet, which is famous overseas, but I think « Chikyu no Arukikata » is the most convenient and has the most information in Japanese. It often includes information on even small, minor towns.

However, as with any guidebook, the book is quite heavy, so walking around the city with it can be a hassle.

However, I decided to use the Kindle version of Globe-Trotter from this time.

First of all, it is good because it is not bulky. You only need an iPhone to carry around. Google Maps is also convenient, but it is more comfortable to have a map that clearly shows the sightseeing spots. But it is small, so you need to enlarge it every time.


地球の歩き方 A23 ポルトガル 2016-2017 【分冊】 1 リスボンとコスタ・デ・リスボア ポルトガル分冊版より

The maps that you can get from local information or hotels are often useful, but they are still physically bulky, aren’t they?


I would like to see such information digitized soon, for example, free download of maps in pdf format.

So, at first I only bought the Portuguese version, but it was so comfortable that I bought the Spanish version on my trip. Yes, I think another advantage is that if you forget to buy it, you can get it locally.

Unfortunately, you can’t take advantage of features like bookmarking or searching. It’s just like scanning a paper version. I’d like to see this area changed to maximize the benefits of ebooks a bit more.