Aínsa – Tour of Spain’s most beautiful villages No. 8 – ★★★★★

Spain Basque journey 2016 GW
Spain Basque journey 2016 GWThe most beautiful village of Spain

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4579

Date and time of visit: April 26, 2016, approximately 6:00 p.m.

The beautiful village of Aragon, where we arrived just after 6 p.m.

On this day, we saw two World Heritage Sites in Catalonia, and then we went on a tour of the most beautiful villages in Spain again. However, we arrived at the first beautiful village around 6 pm. Of course it was still light.

The location is around here. From the Boi Valley (Bar de Boi) where we were just before, it was easier to come than I thought.



However, unfortunately, national highways that connect local towns are like highways without any traffic lights in the Japanese sense, and it is not easy to park on the road. It’s like parking on the shoulder of a highway, but you can’t do it because you’re afraid. So, unfortunately, I couldn’t take a picture of the nice distant view of the village.

Beautiful bastide-style village with a medieval atmosphere

Although I was not able to take a picture, but it is very beautiful from a distance, so I think I can expect. Arrived at the village, there was a large parking lot in the northwest location from the village, so I completed parking without difficulty.


Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4449

It is a beautiful village in Aragon, and the same as other beautiful villages in Aragon, it was founded during the Umayyad dynasty, and then occupied by the Kingdom of Aragon in the 12th century, and the original form of the village that remains now was after this Reconquista.

From the parking lot, cross a small bridge and enter the city center. The big and splendid castle wall is impressive.

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4455

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4462

Looking north, you can see the majestic Pyrenees Mountains.

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4459

Passing through one large wall, we entered the Old Town Square. It’s as if you’ve arrived in the city in Dracula.

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4466

The shape of the small, quaint central square reminds me of the bastide style you might find in a beautiful village in the southwest of France.

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4567

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4490

There are several cafes, bars and hotels next to this square. I thought it was possible to stay here.

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4487

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4507

There were also a few restaurants in the alleyway.

Also other, City Hall.

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4510

As usual, there was a sign with the logo of the beautiful village here.

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4516

Moreover, the church is also adjacent to this central square.

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4502

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4525

The view from the church tower is outstanding

We were still able to climb the tower of this church at this time. When I climbed up, I remembered again that the city was surrounded by such beautiful mountains and rivers. I was so occupied with the beauty of the old town square that I forgot about it.

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4531

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4535

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4552

Of course, the square seen from this tower is also very nice.

Aínsa 20160426-_MG_4528

The beauty of the town, the central square and the beauty of the surrounding nature. A beautiful village with an excellent location and sight. We have no complaints and give it 5 stars.