Recently Installed Mac App -FreeMemory Pro and TotalFinder



I’d like to talk about a Mac App I recently installed.

FreeMemory Pro

まずは「FreeMemory Pro」というアプリ。


Well why not now, haha….


I don’t know the difference between the paid version and the free version, but oh well.

And, it is the impression that I used it, but honestly, I do not know well because there is 16GB memory (laugh)


I also put it in my MBA, so I guess you can feel the effect when you use it there.


The application here which became a topic on Twitter a few days ago. Because this is the application which is not in Mac App Store, I DL it from the site of here.

TotalFinder adds tabs to your native Finder and more!

Because this is an extension of FInder, shortcuts, etc. are basically exactly the same as the normal Finder. What kind of useful extensions are there?


You can manage multiple folders with tabs just like Chrome.


Moving files between folders is going to be a lot easier with this.


It is natural in WIndows, but it is convenient when this sort can be done.


If you press « option » twice consecutively, Finder will appear from the bottom.

Roughly like this. I feel like this is quite convenient.


It’s true that this is one of the things I didn’t like about the Finder.

Now, this is the license of « TotalFinder », and there are 1 license version and 3 license version. Of course, the 3-license version is more economical.

When you purchase the 3-license version, you will first receive an ID and license issuance email to the purchaser. And at the same time, you’ll receive an email with a URL to issue a coupon like this one.

By giving the URL of each to the remaining two people, we can issue the remaining two licenses.