Saint-Floret – The most beautiful villages in France 2012 No.6 – ★★☆☆☆

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Saint-Floret 20120505-IMG_6775

Date of visit: May 5, 2012, around 11:00 a.m.

This beautiful village is located less than 30 minutes by car from Montpeyroux. Many beautiful villages are concentrated in the Puy de Dôme around Clermont Ferrand.

The second beautiful village of the day, Saint-Floret, is located away from the main highway, in contrast to Montpeyroux, which was close to the highway.

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The road was steeper than I thought it would be. And of course, there was no cell phone reception.

Mont PeyreuxThe weather managed to hold, but when we arrived at this village, it finally rained….

Saint-Floret 20120505-IMG_6738

Saint-Floret 20120505-IMG_6733

We had to take shelter from the rain repeatedly, but the rain gradually stopped so we could take pictures slowly.

Saint-Floret 20120505-IMG_6746

Saint-Floret 20120505-IMG_6756

Saint-Floret 20120505-IMG_6767

It was a very small village, but it was impressive that there were more tourists than expected. However, there were only three groups including myself. After all, the publicity effect of a beautiful village is great, isn’t it?

The day’s tour of beautiful villages is still to come.