Sainte-Enimie – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2013 No.30 -★★★★★

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Date and time of visit: May 14, 2013, around 5:00 p.m. (overnight)

From Brusses-le-Château to Millau, we took the highway for 30 minutes, and crossed the Millau Bridge (I will write a detailed report later!) We crossed the bridge (I will write a detailed report later!) and went back to the public road.

It takes about one hour to go east along the narrow and tight road along the valley cut by the Tarn River.

We arrived at the beautiful village of Sainte-Enimie, our fourth stop of the day and our 30th stop of the trip, bringing our total to 143.

There was a very good parking space just before we reached the village, so

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0717

I parked my car here and started taking photos.

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0698

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0695

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0702

It is a wonderful view. This place could be extraordinarily beautiful….

We thought we’d go into the village, park, and walk around, but…

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0733

Apparently, this is a well-organized tourist area, and there seemed to be enough shops and hotels, so we decided to stay in this village tonight.

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0731

It was around 5 o’clock in the evening, and the next village we were going to was more than 2 hours away by car.

We found a good three-star hotel here, not far from the parking lot and facing the center of the city, so we decided to stay here.

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0744

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0745

The restaurant also looks promising.

Once I left my luggage in the room, I went to explore the village in the evening.

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0753

The village is formed on a steep slope than it looks. The narrow and steep alleyways were full of things to see and photograph.

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0768

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0784

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0785

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The village is quite deep in the mountains and difficult to get to, but there were so many tourists and children (perhaps on a field trip or something?). It was impressive that there were so many tourists and children (perhaps on a field trip or something?).

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0781

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0780

At the top of the hill seems to be a monastery, but we were apparently not allowed to enter this one. It may be that the arrival time was just too late.

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0805

We go down the hill again to the hotel.

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0805

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0812

It was very impressive that there were plates with such explanations written all over the city. But unfortunately I couldn’t read most of them in French…

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0815

The church was also small, but had a solemn atmosphere. Perhaps because there are many tourists, I think it is very beautifully managed.

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0821

The monuments that are now so familiar to visitors to France are still in place.

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0828

Now we went around the village. It looked like we still had some time before dinner, so we drove to the other side of the river and took some pictures of the village.

Sainte-Enimie 20130514-_MG_0832

Then back to the hotel again for dinner. We ordered a very baby dish because we had a small lunch that day and we were very hungry.

The main course is a filet of beef, served with a generous Roquefort cheese sauce.

Roquefort is one of the most famous products in this area. By the way, « Roquefort » is the name of the village, which is located near the Bridge of Millau, the famous cheese of the Aveyron department.

And of course, wine. I had a 500ml carafe of local wine all to myself.

I gulped it down without leaving any leftovers. When I ordered it, the waiter said « It’s 50cl, can you drink it by yourself? but I could afford it (laugh).

However, even I was a bit woozy after drinking so much. I sorted out my photos, took a shower, and went to bed at 23:00.

Another tight drive awaits the next day.