Loubressac revisited – Tour of France’s most beautiful villages 2017 No.5 -★★★★☆

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Date and Time of Visit: September 21, 2017, approximately 4:00 p.m.

Three beautiful villages in the department of Lot: « Carrenac », « Le Bressac » and « Hautoir ». These three villages are very close to each other. In fact, Carrenac-Lebrsac is only 9km away and Hautoir-Lebrsac is only 5km away. A short drive away.

Of course, I visited there 7 years ago.


Now, Le Bressac, which we are going to introduce, is the tallest village among the three brothers. This is because it is the highest.

Loubressac 21092017-_MG_6129-yuukoma

Loubressac 21092017-_MG_6137-yuukoma

This area is relatively flat, but Le Bressac is located at the top of a small mountain, so it can be seen from a distance. Because of its location, it is called « Chapeaux de tuiles brunes sur la vallée de la Dordogne » (Brown Tile Cap of the Dordogne Valley). After that, people moved from the neighborhood and formed a new village. When I visited seven years ago, there was a large parking lot at the entrance of the village. There was also when I visited this time, but I had to pay as well as Karenak. And there was also a toilet. I guess many tourists have become. But well, it’s rattled lol.

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When I actually went to the village, there were indeed many people there. It must be that it has become popular after all.

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Loubressac 21092017-_MG_6098-yuukoma

In spite of such a great parking lot, the village of Lebresac is very beautiful, but it is surprisingly small and has few attractions.

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At first glance, it looks like a splendid village because it is located on a small hill, but when you actually go there, you will notice that it is surprisingly small. I think the reason why there is not much to see is because the chateau at the far end of the village is probably privately owned and cannot be visited. If you look at the pictures in the official guide, you will see that more than one third of the village is the site of this castle (house).

There are not many photos I actually took in the village. The name of the church is « Saint Jean Baptist Church » and it was open to visitors. I think there are many churches in the most beautiful villages in France that you can visit.

Loubressac 21092017-_MG_6107-yuukoma

However, the views from this village are absolutely stunning!

Loubressac 21092017-_MG_6094-yuukoma

I’ve just realised that there are quite a few castles around. You can find them on the tourism website of the province of Corrèze.

Loubressac 21092017-_MG_6102-yuukoma

We went to this castle afterwards. I’ll introduce it again.

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It’s well worth the trip just to see the view.