Deliveroo, a delivery service rapidly gaining popularity in France


出所:Takeaway Delivery from Premium Restaurants near you – Deliveroo

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything to post, so I’ll continue with a brief introduction of news that caught my attention on French websites. This time, I picked up an article that I liked in a French daily newspaper « L’Express ».

Web delivery company from the UK


This company, deliveroo, is based in the UK and offers a service that delivers food from so-called famous restaurants to your home. The price is reasonable, and they deliver in about 30 minutes, which is their main selling point. They are now expanding to European countries such as the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Germany, as well as Dubai, Singapore, and Australia.

Just looking at their website makes me very hungry. It looks like they have sushi too. Is it still a standard delivery service? (The following is the French version)


I wonder if I can use it if I’m staying in a hotel or something while traveling? If I go to France next time, I’d like to try it while I’m studying (or just collecting stories?). I’d like to try it out.

Interview with a delivery person at L’Express

Now, the original post for this post featured an interview with a delivery person who actually works for Deliveroo.

According to the report, one experienced delivery man worked 80 hours a week and earned more than 4,000 euros a month. This is because he worked from 11 in the morning until midnight. This person says that he likes the fact that he can work here as if he were an entrepreneur working independently, rather than as an employed person working part-time.

We have created a system that allows users, as well as employees and delivery personnel, to manage their schedules efficiently using a smartphone app, and this provides a platform that allows them to work freely at their own pace.

Another employee, a 19-year-old freelancer, is working at Deliveroo as a part-time worker. He says that traditional part-time jobs in restaurants and shops are not his cup of tea. However, he likes to ride his bike, so he likes this job because he can work while exercising.

So what does it actually look like to carry? The following is a photo taken from L’Express, but it looks like this. However, if it’s carried like this, no matter how you think about it, the food is going to get messed up…. I wonder how it is.

Un employé de la plateforme de livraison de repas Deliveroo à Camden Town, dans le nord de Londres, le 17 novembre 2016. En France, l'application cartonne. Elle est plébiscitée par les restaurateurs et les livreurs. LEAL-OLIVAS

出所: « Avec Deliveroo, j'ai gagné 4000 euros par mois pour 80 heures par semaine" – L'Express L'Expansion

In this interview, we only had the opinion of the employee side, but considering the growing demand for this service, it seems that the users are also satisfied with the service so far.

You’re going into Japan?

Now, Deliveroo, is there any expansion to Japan? However, the battle for delivery services in Japan is already fierce. In addition to traditional delivery services and pizza delivery, recently there are also UberEATS.


By the way, there was also a delivery hall, etc.

The reason why this one became more popular than UberEATS in Europe is probably because Deliveroo was ahead of it in the first place, and moreover because Uber is not very welcome in conservative Europe.

However, it may be much easier than the traditional delivery service in Japan because you can easily order with your smartphone and pay by card. This kind of web-based service is already being used for pizza delivery, though.

In the case of Japan, however, users are also conservative, so there may be some difficulties. For example, there are a lot of people who will complain if a dish falls apart. As I mentioned above, from the pictures in the article, it looks like the food was carried in a rough way for Japanese people.

I feel that the fact that foreigners seem to be loose in this area is one of the reasons why businesses such as Deliveroo have developed.