I’ll be at the concert at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space on August 16.


The photo is just an image.

I’ll be on the orchestra.

It’s been a while since I appeared in a concert. I will perform as a member of the orchestra in this concert.


平和祈念コンサート – AIM VILLAGE http://www.aim-vil.com/news/平和祈念コンサート–1/

平和祈念コンサート 終戦から70年   東京芸術劇場 http://www.geigeki.jp/performance/20150816c/

(Participation in this performance does not constitute participation in any political activity or expression of opinion.

Valse3 refers to the third concert of Orchestra Valse; it was held on May 25, 2014, and I performed as a member of the orchestra at that time.

Orchestra Valse is a non-profit amateur orchestra group of Ghibli music fans. The first concert was held on May 27, 2012, and we have held four concerts since then. Some of the members of this concert were members of the third concert back then, but it seems that there are quite a few newcomers to the group. It’s nice to have new musical friends.

Even though I’ve performed this song once before, I can’t underestimate the technical difficulties of the insert music from Red Pig. I think I need to practice more for the performance. I have to do my best.

I am also looking forward to the performance at the Great Hall of the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space.

Plus: The Adriatic Sea and more


First, the Croatian side.




Unfortunately we were not lucky with the weather when we visited this area, so we hope to revisit again.

Sorry I don’t have many pictures of the Italian side on the other hand.

I went to the tip of the heel of the Italian peninsula called Cape Leuca last year, so I’ll post about that. It’s just past the Adriatic Sea.