It’s been one year since I started the Kumon French Correspondence Course!


I’m learning as I go.


公文式フランス語通信講座はじめました | my lifelog


By the way, this article that I wrote a year ago is still frequently accessed, probably because it comes up high in Google search.

I also took the French exam.


On the day of the test, I thought it would be all kids, but I was relieved to see that there were also quite a few adult friends (laughs).


I try to read online articles once in a while.

Hearing and conversation are important, but my main goal is to be able to read French articles. I think the results of my study are gradually coming out, and I can now understand the general contents of simple articles without any help, and even if it’s a bit complicated, I can read it while looking up the words. It’s still tough to read something with a lot of sentences, though.

たとえば、「Les 100 plats préférés des Français」、こんな記事も最初の部分ならなんとか読めるようになっています。

If you’re a foodie, you might be able to read this even if you don’t understand French (laughs). (laughs) It’s true that these dishes are all things you’d encounter at a bistro in the French countryside. I was surprised to see couscous in the top rank, though.

As for the sweets category, I really understand why fondant au chocolat and mousse au chocolat are at the top of the list. It’s true that you can find them in most of the hotels and restaurants in the countryside. But then again, we French have good taste. I have a lot to say about the 4th place Il Flottante, so I’ll write about it in my blog post sometime.

I also use the dictionary function of MacOS from time to time

ちなみにフランス語辞書ですが、とりあえずMacOSの辞書機能を使っているのですが、仏仏辞典しかなくてちょっと苦労しております。幸い以下のスクリーンショットの例は基本単語(se voir、devenirとか)で説明されていたから理解出来ましたが、これはもう少し力つかないと厳しいかもしれません。

The linkage with trackpad gestures is very convenient, though. You should have a French-English dictionary at least, Apple. It’s expensive, but I’m not sure if I should buy it.