Campanile – a chain hotel that we sometimes stay at on our road trips in France



If you are staying in a hotel in the suburbs, you don’t have to worry too much, but even in the suburbs, it is sometimes difficult to find a place. I hope you can find it.

This one we’re introducing is a very convenient hotel chain for road trippers spread all over France.

Hotels Campanile | Réservation en ligne dans plus de 380 hôtels en Europe

I’ve been a part of it many times in the past.

The good news is.

  1. 駐車スペースが十分確保されている
  2. キャパシティも大きいため当日予約でも開いていることが多い
  3. フランス各地にある
  4. 比較的高速のインターチェンジに近いところが多く、探すのも楽で移動の拠点にもなりやすい
  5. 必ずレストランが併設されており、休日でも開いていることがほとんど
  6. WiFiが無料で使える
  7. 朝食もチェックアウト時間も6時くらいから可能


Hotels in the countryside in France sometimes have a late start for breakfast. Moreover, you don’t know what time breakfast starts until you actually go there, and what time you can check out. Well, I’m sure you can get an early check-out.

So if you want to move around gingerly early in the morning, this hotel can be very useful.

Of course, it varies from place to place, but there is usually a building with a reception and a restaurant like this one.

Accommodations are often in a separate building.

Many of them are in the style of two-story row houses.

The quality of the room is like this. The bed is not bad. The size of the room is also normal.

The only downside is that the price is a little high for the quality of this room.

Of course you can use the internet in your room.

There are many variations of restaurants, but they all look like this.

Most places have appetizers, desserts, and breakfast in buffet form. The dessert buffet is nice.