Day 5 No.5 Luxembourg – 2010 Deutschland No.19 – Luxembourg

2010 Germany

Luxembourg 20100815-IMG_0648

Date and time of visit: August 14, 2010, around 6:00 p.m. (overnight)

This day we will stay in Luxembourg City. It didn’t take much time to leave Trier, pass through the border and get to Luxembourg City. It rained a little bit after we entered Luxembourg City. Somehow we got lost to go to the city, but we found today’s hotel soon after we entered the area surrounded by the so-called castle.

Well, my parents were there, so I got a nice hotel. (Of course, it’s not cheap, but…) It’s not so expensive when you get it on the Internet. (Of course, it’s not cheap, but…)

Luxembourg 20100815-IMG_0622

Once we checked into the hotel, the rain had stopped by then. Then we took a short walk until dinner.

I didn’t have a guidebook at all, so I got a map at the conservatory. It’s quite a nice map.

Luxembourg 20100815-IMG_0633

Now, Luxembourg is registered as a World Heritage Site, and it is also famous as a city-state that has developed very much in the field of finance in modern times. On this day, it was quiet on a Sunday, but there were a lot of Western and Luxembourgish financial institutions lined up. Next to the hotel was Paribas.

I was really just walking around, but the city was just beautiful. Of course, it has an atmosphere of European history, but it’s also a modern office district, which means that it’s attractive = cleanliness, but the pavement and sidewalks are all very well maintained.

Luxembourg 20100815-IMG_0630

Luxembourg 20100815-IMG_0660

The cars on the road have an air of luxury about them.

Luxembourg 20100815-IMG_0666-Edit

These traffic signs and signals are also very elegant.

Luxembourg 20100815-IMG_0615

Luxembourg 20100815-IMG_0624

The notation is French, and I believe the format and colors are exactly the same as in France.

Are these bicycles used for anything other than sightseeing?

Luxembourg 20100815-IMG_0621

It was getting cold, so we cut off the walk earlier than planned and went to the hotel. We had a meal at the hotel restaurant. Of course English is spoken in the restaurant, but I felt French was the main language, not German.

Luxembourg 20100815-IMG_0719

My father is more used to Germany, so he felt a little unsure about it, but I’m more used to France, so I felt a little relieved.

Cordon Bleu, it was delicious.