Hunspach – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2013 No.41 -★★☆☆☆

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Hunspach 20130518-_MG_1687

Hunspach 20130518-_MG_1633

Date of visit: May 18, 2013, around 3:00 p.m.

After a night, it was the 18th. On this day, we checked in the hotel at 7 am. It’s 777km to our destination….

The arrival time is before 15:00 even if it goes smoothly. The navigation system says 7 hours, but we will have a break to refuel and eat on the way.

But basically, it’s all highways, so it’s easy to drive.

How did we end up with such an extremely inefficient process in the first place? It was because we were expecting to conquer the most beautiful French villages in mainland Europe on this trip, which we had not expected at all.


So I was determined to head to two beautiful villages in Alsace-Lorraine that I had failed to visit in the past due to schedule conflicts, in order to seriously conquer them no matter how many kilometers I had to run.

You haven’t reached the halfway point yet in Paris…. I’m familiar with the suburbs of Paris as I’ve already driven there many times.

From here we crossed the Champagne region. The scenery here is so vast and beautiful. And the weather is fabulous!

And a good meal on the way.

It was an American kind of place, though.

We continued our drive and arrived at Hunspach, a beautiful village in Alsace, almost on schedule, or even earlier than expected considering the rest time.

Hunspach 20130518-_MG_1595

From here, it’s a 10-minute drive to Germany, or less.

I may have had the hardest time finding a parking space in this village ever. I managed to find a space outside the village, where I live without having to walk so much, parked and started sightseeing.

There was nothing particularly touristy to see, it was really just a walk through the village. Each house was beautiful and I felt that it was more powerful than I expected.

Hunspach 20130518-_MG_1602

Hunspach 20130518-_MG_1619

Hunspach 20130518-_MG_1633

It seems that there is a hotel. There are some people who seem to be tourists here and there. It is a beautiful village in France.

Hunspach 20130518-_MG_1607

As is often the case in French villages, the signs hanging in the streets are very nice.

Hunspach 20130518-_MG_1653

This one’s a little crooked…

Hunspach 20130518-_MG_1672

This is the sign of the village hall.

Hunspach 20130518-_MG_1707-Edit

This is the village hall. The sky is amazingly blue!

Hunspach 20130518-_MG_1676

The road signs are no less impressive.

Hunspach 20130518-_MG_1667

The church might have been plain.

Hunspach 20130518-_MG_1647

There were no cars parked here when I arrived…

Hunspach 20130518-_MG_1682

Hunspach 20130518-_MG_1700

I feel that the fatigue of the long drive was blown away by this beautiful town and the blue sky.

This is the last long drive of this trip. The next village is Lorraine, and our accommodation for the day is Metz, the largest city in Lorraine. It’s not so far from here.