Fougères (Fougères), Switzerland and France Travelogue No.18, September 2017

September Switzerland, France, 2017
September Switzerland, France, 2017

Date and Time of Visit: September 25, 2017, approximately 10:00 a.m.

A one-off visit to Brittany. I visited Brittany in 2011 when I was on a tour of the most beautiful villages in France, but I didn’t get to see much of the region except for the villages. I wanted to visit some more places, but this time I visited only the town of Fougères, where a splendid castle from the medieval age still exists. This place is also listed in « Globe-Trotter ».

The first fortifications in the city were built around the 11th century, and from then on they were used to protect the Kingdom of Brittany from the rest of the world until the French took over in the 15th century. Not many fortresses from this period still exist on such a large scale in Europe, making it a very important cultural heritage site.

However, when I visited this day, the weather was unfortunate, relatively strong rain.

The fortress was not on the top of the hill, where the city center is today, or inside, but on its lower side. It is now a large park, but there is a fee to visit inside the walls.

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There are various exhibits and panels explaining the history of France and the Kingdom of Brittany.

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It is the same in Japan and Europe that tourists, love historical heritage, and these places become tourist attractions. I went there first thing in the morning, but after that, I was impressed by the constant stream of tourists despite the bad weather. The pamphlets available at the site were also extensive.

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Even Monday is like this, so I’m sure it will be more crowded on the weekend.