Enoshima, the new lookout lighthouse was a thrill compared to the old one…


I’m yuu-koma, an excitable person in high places. Good evening!

On the last day of the consecutive holidays, I wanted to go to see the autumn leaves, but it seemed to be crowded, so I went to Enoshima. So I went to Enoshima island.

Speaking of Enoshima, the lighthouse with a view is the best place to visit, but it’s been more than 10 years since I’ve been here. When did it get new? I knew that.

Speaking of the lighthouse of Enoshima, the charm of the lighthouse is that it is very rickety and seems to be leaning.


Even those who don’t mind heights to some extent give up the climb in fear of the creaking elevator, the not-so-wide viewing platform and the stairs, and don’t acknowledge it as the lighthouse of Enoshima without its wonderful presence!

You’ve become this great! They’ve made it fun for kids and adults alike! You’ve lost your innocence!

But it was surprisingly thrilling (laughs).

And of course, that 360 degree view was alive and well!