I always buy my shoes for the office on Amazon…

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Almost simultaneously with the timing of my return home, the shoes I ordered while walking through Tokyo Station this morning arrived. As expected of Amazon, you’re fast!

[ブラッチャーノ] Bracciano ロングノーズビジネスシューズ(モンクストラップ)



Sales Ranking : 118

Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools

These are the shoes, and this is the third time I’ve bought these! And it’s the third time this year!

No, because they’re cheap, but they decay quickly (laughs).

The soles of the shoes get worn down very quickly.

I was thinking that it was time to change them, but this morning they suddenly went over the critical point and the heels started to fall apart. Hahaha.

I was fine until yesterday…

So I bought a crisp copy from my iPhone because I knew it was a bad idea.