I tried Amazon Prime Now, and it really came in an hour!

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10. Hobby General

It really came in under an hour!

What is Amazon Prime Now?

Prime Now is a service for Prime members that allows you to place an order through a dedicated app and have it delivered within an hour. Prime Now is a service for Prime members that allows you to order through a dedicated app. From food, beverages, and daily necessities to books, DVDs, and electronics, you can receive your order at home right now.



You can order through the dedicated app

First, download the iPhone app, and when you launch the app, you will be asked to enter your zip code. If you enter your zip code here, you can check if it is in the delivery area. Our house was in the delivery area without any problem.

Then, I log in and start shopping right away. Well, there’s nothing in particular that I want…

A wide variety of food, alcohol, sweets, frozen foods, daily necessities, and PC peripherals.

When you can login, you will see the following screen. It is divided into categories. You can also search.

It doesn’t have as many products as the usual Amazon, of course, but it seems to have everything from household items to party supplies. There’s also a few PC peripherals.

As an easy-to-understand image, you can make good use of it when you want to have a party right now, or when you have urgent guests but don’t have time to go shopping. By the way, I don’t have so many parties and I don’t have sudden visitors.

Coupon available for first time use.



It’s easy for me to fall for this kind of strategy…

You can see the progress.

And the order is completed. Order time is 17:07, will it really arrive by 18:07 within an hour?

You can then « check the status of your delivery » from the app. You can see on the map where the delivery person (bike?) is now. on the map. It’s exciting to see technology that is so common nowadays. Of course, it’s updated in real time.


You will receive an SMS to your registered phone number when the delivery is started. You will also be notified by SMS when the delivery is complete.

It’s really arrived.


It was interesting, so I went out to the outside. There was a mini-van like this one, and it seemed to bring us here by this. It’s very fancy.

« I asked him if I could take some pictures. I asked him if I could take a picture of him, and he said, « It’s no problem at all. I was told that it was no problem at all.


The bag has this sticker on it.

Open the bag and check the contents. Everything arrived in a reliable manner.

Well, it was very interesting. However, even though I got 2,000 yen off with the coupon, I feel like a fool now for spending almost 5,000 yen just for this. This is how Amazon wants you to feel….

However, I confirmed that it really does arrive. I’d like to use it in case of emergency.