Flute Lesson No.51

05. Musicflute

Yeah, I’m running out of photo material for good (laughs).

I went on Friday, but to be honest, I couldn’t practice at all this time because I was on a one-day photography trip to Kyoto. I’m sorry, Sensei! However, my condition was not so bad. I was able to make some sounds (laughs).

We started the bass lesson last week, and this is the main lesson again. Since we’ve been focusing on high notes for a while now, it may be because of that, but it seems that we’re not putting the right angle of breath on the low notes.

The low notes are the ones where you need to be aware of the angle and close both sides of your mouth tightly. I felt like I was warned about the basics again. I remember it when it is said, but it is not good to be told the same thing every week.

By the way, I always ask the students to watch the practice of the head pipe only in the warm-up, but this time, I instructed them at this stage. As I explained above, you have to keep blowing at a certain angle of breath and at a certain speed of breath. It was this way.

But at this stage, I feel like I can revisit the basics again with the bass practice in mind.