Higgs boson



ヒッグス粒子とみられる新粒子発見 国際チーム  :日本経済新聞 http://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXNASDC04006_U2A700C1MM8000/

New Particle Found, Consistent With Higgs Boson – WSJ.com http://on.wsj.com/OmVRRn

I majored in particle theory in college and graduate school, so I know the theoretical background of the Higgs. The Higgs is the most basic of all, isn’t it? I studied it very carefully, so I don’t forget it so easily.

However, it’s something I learned more than 10 years ago, so I thought I’d try studying it for the first time in a while, and looked at my bookshelf.

But I kept this book of memories. Well, I miss it.

Peskin & Schroeder 20120705-IMG_2720

An Introduction To Quantum Field Theory (Frontiers in Physics)

Michael E. Peskin Daniel V. Schroeder


It was a standard textbook when I was in university. I bought this when I was a 4th year university student, to read it in a circle as a research project.

Peskin & Schroeder 20120705-IMG_2725

It used to take me days to read a page….

I think another book that has helped me a lot is this one.

ゲージ場の量子論〈1〉 (新物理学シリーズ)

Kugo Taichirou


ゲージ場の量子論〈2〉 (新物理学シリーズ)

Kugo Taichirou


Actually, I haven’t read chapter 20 of Peskin&Schroeder properly, which I introduced earlier, because I studied about Higgs mechanism here first (laughs).

Well, I learned it directly from the author himself when I was an undergraduate in a class or when I was reading a research project. (He was my instructor for my research project.)