Car rental at Nice, Côte d’Azur airport, very easy to rent. -2011 France Fall

2011 France fall


I left Paris early in the morning by plane and arrived in Nice around 10:00 a.m. due to a 30-minute delay in departure.

Now I’ll head to rent a car. There was a counter in the arrival lobby, but no one was there. It seems that I should go directly to the parking lot of the airport, so I go to the parking lot immediately.

Nice airport is quite large. The parking lot is also quite big. I followed the information board and went to the office.

Apparently, this is where the offices of the car rental companies are located.

It’s very clean and spacious. And it is very easy to find your car rental company because each company has a big counter. I chose Europocar as usual. It depends on the country and the place you rent, but I think it was cheaper if you rent the same class of car. Oops, I think I chose it because the car model is Audi.

Of course I booked online in advance.

But for some reason, I was assigned an « Alfa Romeo Giulietta » even though I had an Audi when I made the reservation.

As an Alfa Romeo lover, I was happy to see that. Well, I wanted to drive Audi too….

So, let’s go to the city of Nice!

However, we ended up in Nice just to drive along the main street « Promenade des Anglais »….

So I was able to rent a car without any trouble this time, although the type of car assigned to me was different. I thought Nice was easier to rent a car than other cities I’ve rented in general.