Germany and the Enclave Tour, Autumn 2015, Part 19: Kinderdijk, a scene with windmills synonymous with the Netherlands

Germany and the enclave Tour 2015 autumn
Germany and the enclave Tour 2015 autumn

When you think of the Netherlands, you think of this!

Date of visit: October 29, weather: fine

Speaking of the Netherlands, windmills

ユニークな飛び地バールレナッサウの次に向かったのは、オランダの「キンデルダイク」という小さな村。Speaking of the Netherlands, windmillsの見れる光景を想像される方が多いと思いますが、このキンデルダイクはまさにその光景を代表する観光地です。なお、「キンデルダイク=エルスハウトの風車網」という名称でユネスコ世界文化遺産にも登録されています。

By the way, the latitude here in the Netherlands is about 52 degrees, which is higher than Hokkaido in Japan. However, thanks to the warm currents on the Atlantic side, it is said to be relatively warm for such a high latitude, but the high latitude means that the sun sets earlier than in Japan at the end of October. It takes about one hour from Barrenassau, and it was past 3:00 p.m. when we left here, so we expected to arrive past 4:00 p.m. We might be able to make it just in time for sunset. But if we got caught in a traffic jam, we might not make it in time for the sunset.

I was especially worried about the traffic, because I had to drive on the highway connecting the big cities of Rotterdam and Utrecht on the way. At this time in the evening, we might have been caught in a traffic jam.

Fortunately, the traffic jam on the highway was not so bad and we could get to the interchange near Kinderdijk smoothly, but it took a long time after getting off the highway. The road was surprisingly narrow. The road was incredibly narrow and there was a lot of construction going on.


By the way, it seemed to cost parking too, but this one said no more. Was it probably because the attendant wanted to return?

Windmill network at dusk

So I had to run to see the sights because I only had less than 30 minutes. Because there was a distance of more than 100m from the entrance of the parking lot side to the first windmill, I ran to there at first. Truly a runner.

I thought that there was a distance between windmills unexpectedly when I saw it near. It seems to be worth seeing if you look at it from a distance. However, it will be difficult to take a picture without a telephoto lens because of the distance.

It was already sunset, but the sky was still bright and we could see a beautiful sunset.

This network of wind turbines seems to go on very far. Probably more than 1km, maybe even more.

The promenade along the windmill network was beautifully maintained, and there was also a tour to view the windmill network from a boat on the canal. If I had more time, I would have liked to see it from this boat.