Sainte-Suzanne – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2013 No.39 -★★★★☆

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Sainte-Suzanne 20130517-_MG_1419

Sainte-Suzanne 20130517-_MG_1464

Date of visit: May 17, 2013, around 5:00 p.m.

When I started my tour of France’s most beautiful villages in 2010, one of the villages that had not yet made the list was Sainte-Suzanne.

In terms of region, the Loire and the Mayenne department, where Sainte-Suzanne is located, are a stone’s throw from the Brittany region. The day before, we were in Savoie, or we moved around so much that it was impossible.

It takes about one hour from Saint-Senury-le-Geret. There was no traffic jam and we arrived there almost non-stop through a small prefectural road. It’s not that there is no traffic, but it’s thanks to Ron Pointe.

With only a few kilometres to go to Sainte-Suzanne, this scenery jumped out at me.

Sainte-Suzanne 20130517-_MG_1418

So beautiful! I parked on the street and took a picture. But I’m worried about the rain cloud in front of me…

My bad premonition was right. The moment we arrived at the village, it started to rain. And it was raining very hard.

Sainte-Suzanne 20130517-_MG_1442

The rain was a pain because we were going to go one more step further that day to a beautiful village in Brittany, and even though it stopped after about 10 minutes, it felt like a very long time before it stopped.

Including this day, there were only three days left in this trip. Considering today’s forced schedule, I felt this waiting time was even harder.

Nevertheless, the rain stops safely, and we get back on our feet and head out into the city again.

Sainte-Suzanne 20130517-_MG_1448

Sainte-Suzanne 20130517-_MG_1464

Sainte-Suzanne 20130517-_MG_1521

This area was occupied by William of Normandy during the Middle Ages, and Sainte-Suzanne seems to have originated from that time.

Sainte-Suzanne 20130517-_MG_1479

Sainte-Suzanne 20130517-_MG_1486

It was a very beautiful town surrounded by magnificent towers and walls. I think that the time is around 5:00 in the evening, there were many tourists as a beautiful village.

Sainte-Suzanne 20130517-_MG_1473

Sainte-Suzanne 20130517-_MG_1470

I think the church was normal.

Sainte-Suzanne 20130517-_MG_1466

Sainte-Suzanne 20130517-_MG_1496

The rain just after our arrival was very frustrating and mentally damaging even though it was just rain, but the city was beautiful enough to cover it.

After this we will go to our hotel in Laval once. Then we are going to visit one more beautiful village. The adventure of the day is still to come.