Roussillon – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2011 No.58 -★★☆☆☆

2011 France fall
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Date of visit: October 13, 2011, around 10:00 a.m.

It was the last day of the trip by car on 13th. We said goodbye to Giulietta on this day.

We checked out of the hotel in Gordes, where we stayed for three days, and started our sightseeing from a beautiful village called Roussillon, about 10 km from Gordes.

Because there are a lot of tourists, it is hard to find a parking space, but luckily I found a space where I could park for free.

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As you can see, Roussillon is a very impressive village because of the bright orange color of the walls of its houses. It is said that this is because the geological formation in this area is such a bright orange color. Indeed, as I got closer to the village, I often saw the bright orange rock surface.

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It’s a very small village, but there were some souvenir shops and restaurants there. They also seem to put a lot of effort into tourism. There seems to be a lot of tourists. It’s close to Gordo.

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There was a flea market in the village square, and it was crowded with shoppers.

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We are blessed with wonderful weather on the last day. Now we head to the next.