Germany and the Enclave Tour Fall 2015, Part 24 (Final): Rhine Valley Drive Again

Germany and the enclave Tour 2015 autumn
Germany and the enclave Tour 2015 autumn

It cleared up a bit at the last minute!

Visit date: November 2, 2015, weather: cloudy and sometimes sunny

A little bit of sightseeing at the end

It’s the last day of my long trip to Germany, and I’m going back to Japan by 3:00 p.m. flight on this day. But we still have half a day for sightseeing. So I chose « Rhine Valley » as my last destination. I visited there once on October 28, but unfortunately it was raining. It was raining on that day, but it was supposed to be sunny on this day. It was only an hour drive from Frankfurt, so we decided to go for another drive in the morning.

We had breakfast at the hotel and checked out quickly. We headed for the line.


On the way, you will pass by Frankfurt International Airport.

However, it was sunny in Frankfurt, but as we approached the Rhine River, it became a deep fog. Are you OK…?

It’s only slightly sunny!

This fog lasted until Mainz at the entrance of the Rhine Valley, but after Mainz, the fog gradually lifted and we started to see glimpses of blue sky.

First, we went north to around Lorelei. It is still foggy and cloudy around here.

But from there the weather started to improve as we headed back towards Mainz.

However, I wanted to return to the airport after midnight, so I couldn’t take my time too much. I parked my car in a town called Oberwessel and did a little sightseeing.

After all, fine weather is good. The autumn leaves flourish more beautifully.

Then we turned our course to the northeast again and aimed at the airport. And we arrived at the airport and returned the car safely. I don’t like to return a rental car in Frankfurt because the parking lot is easy to find, but it is far from the parking lot to the departure lobby. Overall, I don’t like this airport….

One last beer and a brewst.

The car return and check-in went smoother than I expected, so I had quite a bit of time. So, here it is one last time.

Again, we ate and drank a lot.

Even though it was only a 10 day trip, it was an epic trip that ran from the most southern part of Germany to almost the northwestern edge of the country. As a result, we visited not only Germany but also six other countries: Austria (just passing through), Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium. Although we had a trouble in Konstanz that made us pale for a moment, I think it was a very smooth trip overall.