Pedraza – Tour of Spain’s most beautiful villages No.12 – ★★★★☆

Spain Basque journey 2016 GW
Spain Basque journey 2016 GWThe most beautiful village of Spain

Date and time of visit: April 29, 2016, approximately 1:00 p.m.

After an unscheduled visit to the ancient World Heritage city of Segovia, we headed to the beautiful village of Pedraza. For the rest of the day, we will go back to visit beautiful villages. Here are the locations. The village we are going to visit is marked with a yellow marker.


This is the view from the village.

Pedraza 20160429-_MG_5299

It is a distance of about 30km from Segovia, and although it is a national road, it is a general road, so it takes about 40 minutes to arrive after leaving the city of Segovia. The parking lot had a wide space near the castle wall in the highest place passing through the village once, and I was able to park there without a problem.

Pedraza 20160429-_MG_5196

The impression is of a very neat village, with stone houses as far as the eye can see, and even a short stroll will make you feel as if you have slipped back to the Middle Ages.

Pedraza 20160429-_MG_5218

The square in the center of the village was very large. The town hall (or village hall) and the church face this square. We couldn’t enter the church after all. It might have been during the siesta, but I think this area is closed compared to France, as I said many times.


There are many cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops not only in the square but also in the back alleys, so it might be relatively easy to visit among the most beautiful villages in Spain. I haven’t bought souvenir so much, though… (I don’t think it’s a good idea, but I feel like I should contribute to it.

Pedraza 20160429-_MG_5227
Pedraza 20160429-_MG_5275
Pedraza 20160429-_MG_5260

Anyway, it is a small village, but I thought there were unexpectedly many tourists, probably because it is close to Segovia. I always see only a few pairs of people at most, so I laughed.

Pedraza 20160429-_MG_5287

However, when I visited, the tourist information center was closed because it coincided with the siesta time.

Pedraza 20160429-_MG_5272

By the way, this is a picture of the old town in the tourist information center. Even if it is old, the situation in the town is not so different from now.

Pedraza 20160429-_MG_5262

Basically, at the time of the siesta, it is limited to moving or taking a meal slowly, but the night of this day is scheduled to stay in the Parador, because I intend to eat well at night, I bought a sandwich and ate it in the town of Segovia that I visited earlier for lunch, so I did not intend to relax here, so I walked around the village from beginning to end So we didn’t plan to relax here. It is « as usual ».

This day’s tour of beautiful villages has just begun. The area around Segovia is a treasure trove of beautiful villages. You can go to the next village in about 30 minutes. (To be continued)