Marseille No.3 to return the rental car – 2011 France Autumn

2011 France fall

Marseille 20111013-DSC02074

It’s a new year and I’m not done yet… A little more.

This is a little bit back and forth about the rental car return.


It was a very smooth drive, although there was some traffic congestion on the highways outside the city due to accidents and construction.

Drive around the city so you have a little time. First to the old port. Drive here by car was quite pleasant.

Afterwards, we drove along the coastline for a bit while doing some tweaking.

Marseille 20111013-DSC02073

Marseille 20111013-IMG_3950-Edit

We came back again and returned the car at the central station in Marseille.

Marseille 20111013-DSC02112

Since it is not necessary to go to the station basically on a road trip, it is rare to see such premises.

Marseille 20111013-DSC02115