My Kindle Paperwhite 3G just arrived!

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本日発売のKindle Paperwhite 3Gが早速届いていました!わーいわーい!

So, here’s the familiar opening ceremony.

It’s just after opening the package and the display is already turned on!

Let’s start with the box.

It came in a cool black lacquered box, which is rather stylish for Amazon. I guess it would be rude to say that.

The inside of the box looks like this.

The one on top looks like an instruction manual, but I’m going ahead without reading it anyway. This is common sense in modern gadgets.

Take out the contents as soon as possible.

Well, it looks like there’s a piece of paper on the display, so I tried to remove it, but to my surprise, it won’t come off!

What a surprise, the display is turned on…or is it? Anyway, I decided to touch it and see. Then the initial setting started.

By the way, the back side is like this.

You already have an account set up!

Follow the instructions for a while, and you’ll find your account set up, or rather, « confirmed »!

It’s already set up! That’s what I call Amazon!

SNS setting, download content in Ura during the tutorial!

You can set up your social networking sites, but only twitter and Facebook. You have to set up your ID and password by yourself.

Now, after confirming your account, Ulla starts to download the kindle book you’ve purchased. In the meantime, a tutorial on how to use it will start.

So by the time you finish the tutorial, the download is already complete. (Of course, if you’ve purchased a lot, you might still be downloading after the tutorial is over.

So I’ve successfully finished the initial Kindle setup!

I bought something in the Kindle store.

I bought it.

It was a bit of a hassle because I’m still getting used to the controls of the Kindle Paperwhite, but it was an easy purchase.

I’m still terrified of 1-Click purchases…

Browsers are probably out of the question.

I tried it because I could use it in the trial version.

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to try Gmail, but it’s hard to use. Well, it is not necessary.

A quick review of the usage

My impressions of using it briefly are as follows.

  • はじめはわりともさい感じもしたがすぐ慣れる
  • でもやっぱりもさいかもしれない
  • ソフトウェアキーボード入力がどうも…、慣れれば平気なのかな
  • 大きさは予想通りで申し分なし
  • 多さも予想通り、250ページくらいのソフトカバーのビジネス書と同じくらいか
  • 手触りは意外といい
  • E Inkディスプレイは確かに目にやさしくこれは予想以上の良さ
  • 起動は速いのでストレスにならない
  • 電池はしばらく気にしなくてもいいくらい持ちそう

Review Summary

So, it was a proper opening ceremony as usual.

The Kindle Paperwhite, while a bit chunky, is very well optimized in terms of specializing in e-book readers.

So far, I’m satisfied with it as I imagined in advance, and I especially appreciate the fact that it’s more comfortable to touch and hold than I expected. This might be important after all.

By the way, I just saw that it will be in stock in January next year. It must be very popular…