iPhone App: Analytics Pro is so easy to use!


このブログではアクセス解析ツールとして「Google Analytics」を利用しています。まあ個人ブログなので多いときで一日400ページを超える程度、平均して200から300程度のページビューです。

Well, because it is such a degree, it is not enough to be established as an SEO or affiliate, but even so, by analyzing access somehow, there are many things that come to understand.

Even though it’s personal, I’m still curious about the access status, but the web version is kind of hard to use…

そこで何かいいのはないかと思って調べた結果、最近になって、iPhoneのアプリで「Analytics Pro」というものをインストールしてみました。

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This is so much easier to see and use. Definitely better than the web version!

The interface is very easy to read, as you can see the number of visits and page views for the last month (28 days in the example picture) and for a specific day.

Google Analytics already supports real-time analysis, but with this app, you can also check the number of accesses at the moment very easily.

I think the menu items you can browse are also extremely comprehensive.

Basically, it is likely that most of the accesses are from personal acquaintances, but even so, you can predict to some extent what kind of people are interested in this blog from the search terms and the number of accesses per page.

Of course, the most important thing is to improve the way you write and the content of your articles, but you may also be able to write articles that focus on more interesting topics based on this statistical information.

In addition, it seems that the number of accesses to the contents about travel is not so many…. Well, there may be a problem with the travelogue itself, but not only the blog, but also the travel story is something that only a very limited number of people respond to, so in a way it seems to be in line with real life.

By the way, the biggest access in the past was « Tokyo Marathon ».

ということで、単なる興味、勉強のためにGoogle Analyticsを導入している、そのチェックをiPhoneで日々行なっている、というおはなしでした。