Saint-Véran – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2012 No.17 -★★★★☆

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Saint-Ve?ran  20120507-IMG_8181

Saint-Ve?ran  20120507-IMG_8060

Date of visit: May 7, 2012, around 3:00 p.m.

We’ve been touring this beautiful village for three years, and this village, Saint-Véran, is probably the most difficult to reach.

It is a beautiful village that is located just over an hour from Briançon, near the Italian border, but you have to follow a steep mountain road at an altitude of over 2,000 meters.

Nevertheless, the road to here is very wonderful. A drive with spectacular views of the Alps.

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However, as I wrote in my blog before, after passing through Briançon, I tried to go through the blocked road and had to turn back.

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道路の封鎖時期をミシュラン地図から読み取る- フランスで最も美しい村巡り2012 番外編1 – | my lifelog

Fortunately, however, we were able to use a road that headed south and then northeast again.

We lost a significant amount of time, over an hour, because we had to go back to Briançon again from the blocked road….

So we took the southbound route to Saint-Velain because we had limited time.

On the way, there was such a nice castle, but I gave up to see it…. I stopped the car and took only a picture.

Saint-Ve?ran  20120507-IMG_8052

There were many twists and turns, but we managed to arrive at our destination before 3pm.

Saint-Ve?ran  20120507-IMG_8057

Saint-Ve?ran  20120507-IMG_8067

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It was a beautiful day, but the air was cool because the altitude was over 2,000 meters. Even so, it was the hottest time of the day, so short sleeves were enough to spend the day in the direct sunlight.

Well, needless to say, it is a beautiful village located at the highest altitude among the villages I have visited so far, and La Grave which I visited just before was the same, but I was impressed by the wooden houses rather than the stone houses which can be said to be a standard in a sense in beautiful villages.

Saint-Ve?ran  20120507-IMG_8102

Saint-Ve?ran  20120507-IMG_8119

Do you feel that wooden houses are more prominent?

Saint-Ve?ran  20120507-IMG_8133

Saint-Ve?ran  20120507-IMG_8117

Saint-Ve?ran  20120507-IMG_8179

It may be because of the time of day, but it was also impressive that there were tourists rather. It’s not an easy place to visit, but it may be famous in its own right.

Saint-Ve?ran  20120507-IMG_8159

Saint-Ve?ran  20120507-IMG_8165

Saint-Ve?ran  20120507-IMG_8172

Saint-Ve?ran  20120507-IMG_8158

Come to think of it, the accommodation facilities also seemed to be well-equipped for the size of the village.

Saint-Ve?ran  20120507-IMG_8160

Saint-Ve?ran  20120507-IMG_8185

It was a very difficult village to reach, but it was still a very nice village that rewarded our efforts to visit.

Well, we really wanted to visit one more village, but we lost a lot of time, so this was the end of our tour of beautiful villages today. After this, a long drive to Turin, Italy, where we had booked a hotel, was waiting for us. Phew….