Curemonte revisited – Tour of France’s most beautiful villages 2017 No.7 -★★★★☆

Most beautiful village Tour of France
Most beautiful village Tour of FranceThe most beautiful villages of France


After 7 years, this is finally the last in a series of visits to beautiful villages in the province of Corrèze and Lot. Updates have been delayed due to a cold and a concert (presentation).

I didn’t plan to visit this village originally, but I happened to be on my way to the next destination, which was the first place I visited on that day (I’ll introduce it next), so I decided to visit it. If you look at the map, it is on the way to Carenac from Collonges-la-Rouge which we visited the day before. I thought it would be better not to visit there.

However, I remembered this « small alley » leading to the village very well, because I was lucky enough to find it in one shot at that time, even though it was too difficult to find. At that time, we didn’t have Google Maps, so I had to look at a Michelin paper map while exploring, and it was very difficult to enter a small alley level road from a prefectural road. When I was driving on the prefectural road to Curmont, I found this alleyway that I remembered and that had left such an impression on me. Even though we were heading in the opposite direction.

The path from the county road to the village was still the same as it was then, but when I arrived at the village, I was surprised! I was surprised when I arrived at the village.

The car park was on a hill on the other side of the river where you could look down on the village which at the time I went out of my way to get a picture of the whole village. It was very spacious, and again, there was a charge. It may be very crowded in the season, but this day was a normal day, so it was empty, but there were still about five cars parked there.

Curemonte 22092017-_MG_6247-yuukoma

Curemonte IMG_7830

Curemonte IMG_7829

By the way, the view of the village from here is as you can see. The chateau in the center is impressive, but you can’t visit it.

Curemonte 22092017-_MG_6249-yuukoma

Here’s a photo I took from a similar location seven years ago.

Curemonte 20100430-IMG_6053

Curemonte 20100430-IMG_6067

The road from the parking lot on the other side of the river to the village was well paved and had a nice sidewalk; seven years ago it was just an ordinary narrow road.

Curemonte 22092017-_MG_6256-yuukoma

The first thing that surprised me when I entered the village was the number of people, the number of shops, and the overall cleanliness of the village. There were 3 cafes as far as I could see, and many souvenir shops. 7 years ago, there might have been a café, but I think there was only one at the entrance of the village. Most importantly, the village is cleaner!

Curemonte 22092017-_MG_6271-yuukoma

Curemonte 22092017-_MG_6275-yuukoma

Curemonte 22092017-_MG_6276-yuukoma

I walked around the side of the chateau to the far side of the village. The free space where I parked when I walked through the village seven years ago has now been turned into a fancy park. You can’t park there now. This stylish park space looked a bit dilapidated back then, but looking at the photos now, it’s not so bad lol. This is 7 years ago.

Curemonte 20100430-IMG_6043

Curemonte 20100430-IMG_6049

And as of visit 2017.

Curemonte 22092017-_MG_6264-yuukoma

Curemonte 22092017-_MG_6266-yuukoma

Curemonte IMG_7835

Curemonte IMG_7833

The increase in the number of visitors and the development of the village are examples of the success of the Beautiful Village project.

Finally, we visited a church.

Curemonte 22092017-_MG_6268-yuukoma

Curemonte 22092017-_MG_6260-yuukoma

It’s called St. Valentine’s Church (Église St-Barthélemy). I had a notebook, so I visited there after 7 years! I wrote something like this in French. My handwriting is not so good.

Curemonte 22092017-_MG_6263-yuukoma

Then we went back to the parking lot and took one last look at the whole village. The inside of the village has been cleaned up, and there are more shops and people, but I think the view from here will always be the same.