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Date and time of visit: April 21, 2011, around 6:00 p.m. 1 night

Not a beautiful village series. The date is a little back and forth, but the last sightseeing spot on the 21st is the world famous Bordeaux. It is registered as a world heritage because it is called « Bordeaux, the capital of the moon ».


In fact, we hadn’t made any plans to go here this year. I was originally planning to travel around the north of France.

However, I thought that I might be able to go to Normandy and Brittany sooner than I expected, because I had enough time in my travel schedule, and I drove my car at once.

However, I was in the region called Ile de Ré just before. The day before, we were in Brittany, so it was quite a distance to travel. Even so, we could move at once by high speed, so I think we arrived in about 2 hours.

We arrived in Bordeaux at 6pm in the evening. The hotel was already booked through app when we were in Ile de Re. It’s in the city and slightly expensive…

I was able to park in the parking lot near the hotel safely though I wandered a little bit of the old town.

We checked into our hotel and rushed around the city for about an hour before dark.

Bordeaux 20110422-IMG_6140

Just beautiful, really beautiful! I don’t think there are many such nice big cities even in France. Personally, I thought it was much better than Paris.

Since there are many photos, I will present them in html5 slideshow.

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Now, dinner is one of the things to look forward to. We were so tired that we could only drink a local glass of wine, but we heard that Bordeaux naturally has great food.

We had fish dishes at a pleasantly expensive restaurant, and all of them were delicious and tasty…. I think you can’t experience this kind of taste at a French restaurant in Japan.

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Bordeaux 20110422-IMG_6192

After the meal, we went to the hotel. Since we had driven all the way from Brittany, we took a shower and went to sleep right after.