Auberge Moulin de la Gorce, Switzerland and France Travelogue No.15, September 2017

September Switzerland, France, 2017
September Switzerland, France, 2017

Date of stay: September 22, 2017

I stayed at a Michelin-starred auberge two days in a row. Because it was a weekday, it was easy to make a reservation. There are not so many auberges in Corrèze province, but there are several one star auberges.

This day we chose « Moulin de la Gorce », an auberge.

レストランのサイト: Moulin de la Gorce

Where is this place? There is nothing around here. Where is the closest town? Is it Limoges, a few 10km to the north? The Auberge was located in a place where the Oranje SIM I bought in Lyon couldn’t get a signal at all. Fortunately, I got a signal until a few kilometers before the hotel, so Google navigation worked fine.

As you can see, the auberge is a beautiful building with a nice pond. It was surrounded by forest and you could take a little walk.


The place you can see in the picture is the reception and restaurant building. After finishing the reception here, we went outside and went to the building where the next room is. It was a nice day and hot and humid, so the window was open, but it was a bit depressing to see all kinds of small insects (I don’t know what they are, but I often see them) coming in through the window because the place is surrounded by so much nature. Well, it’s a common thing in the country.


Again, we checked in before 5pm, took a short nap, and went to the restaurant at 7:30pm. Of course I had a light lunch, so I was hungry enough. By the way, there were only two groups including myself staying at the hotel. I think there were about 4 or 5 groups at the restaurant.


Of course, we chose Menu Degustation without hesitation. In addition, we chose Menu accord Mets et Vins, in other words, a menu that can be matched with the wine that goes with the meal.


The menu was also available at the entrance of the Auberge.


The picture on the menu list, it’s important. It shows what you got.

This is the amuse of the day, though it is not on the menu. It’s quite hearty.


First up was the egg dish Oeuf, Brouillé aux Truffes. A combination of brûléed eggs and truffles. It seems that there are many dishes that use a lot of truffles because of the location.


Next was Pied de Cochon, a dish made with pig’s feet, I can’t remember the taste….


Next is the vegetable tartare with langoustine, a shrimp from Brittany. It looks hearty, but it’s very light and crispy.


The fish was « Saint-Pierre », which looked like a sea bream. It was poached with hazelnut and butter.


The main course is beef from the local Limousin region. « Fillet de Boeuf Limousin ».


It also came with a fromage. It’s an all-you-can-choose type. On this day, I was a little conservative lol.


There are two desserts. White chocolate, mango and chestnut sorbet. And a raspberry-based one.


Compared to the previous day’s dish, I remember that the overall taste was more rustic and wild in both good and bad ways. However, I think the taste of the ingredients themselves was more in favor of this one. The volume was more this time.

Like last time, I’ll post the breakfast the next morning here too. I couldn’t eat all of it but the bread was really good. Breakfast was probably better here than the day before. The chocolat show as usual.


We spent a leisurely morning and checked out around 9:30. It is a small facility run by a family, but the satisfaction was very high. I thought it was a place where you can enjoy a trip to the countryside. By the way, the most beautiful villages in France with very high quality are scattered around the area. At the time of my visit, I had completely forgotten. The day we stayed there and the next day were very nice, so I regret that I could not visit this place after a long time.

The travelogue of Switzerland and France is still continuing.