Germany and the Enclave Tour, Fall 2015, Part 2: Renting a Car at Munich Central Station

Germany and the enclave Tour 2015 autumn
Germany and the enclave Tour 2015 autumn

Date of visit: October 25, 2015 Weather: cloudy and sometimes sunny

Breakfast at Munich Central Station

We started sightseeing in earnest on this day. We rented a car as soon as possible. The hotel where we stayed the night before didn’t provide breakfast, so we decided to have breakfast at Munich Central Station. So we decided to have breakfast at the Munich Central Station. After checking out, we went there immediately.

Munich Central Station is a very big terminal, where trains from all over Europe arrive. And the shops in the station, especially restaurants, are very good. It is very crowded in the morning, but you won’t have any trouble finding a place to eat. But it was a little difficult to choose a restaurant with a big trunk.

There was a fancy restaurant where you can have a breakfast like in Munich, but it was very crowded, so I gave up and bought a bürst (sausage) and a pretzel at a shop. We also had orange juice. It was very delicious because it was freshly squeezed.

If you buy a burst, it comes with bread as a basic default. It’s a bit like a luxurious hot dog. I think it is one of the points that Germany is easy to travel because you can have such a meal easily at the station.

Car rental at Munich Central Station

After breakfast, I went to rent a car. The car rental service at Munich Central Station is not on the ground floor but on the first floor (the second floor in Japan). There is a signboard which is not so easy to understand or not. It might be tough to find it if you’re not used to it. (I wish I could tell you where it is, but I didn’t check properly, sorry. There are not so many places to go up to the first floor, so I think you can find it easily if you recognize it as « up there ».


Recently, I have been using for most of the time, but I couldn’t get a good deal on a car rental in Munich because of the city and the competition. So we booked directly from SIXT.

SIXTでの予約は6年ぶりでした。最近は48時間前にメールが来て、いわゆるアーリーチェックインの手続きをすすめるメールが届きます。ここで、ID(パスポート番号)、運転免許の番号、運転歴等々の事前情報を入力しておくと、予約当日は“Express Counter”なるところで、すばやくチェックインができるようです。ちょうど出発当日の午後にメールが来たので、早速この手続をしておきました。

On the day of the reservation, there was only one counter at Munich Central Station, and there didn’t seem to be an Express counter, but I had already given the minimum necessary personal information, so I just had to decide which car I wanted and whether I wanted to buy additional insurance.

当初はフォルクスワーゲンのゴルフを手配していたはずでしたが、まあいつもながらにして指定したクルマなど出てきません。そのかわりオススメのクルマ(だいたいクラスは上、しかし気持ち割り引かれたりしている)とかいって、なんとFordを勧めてきました。正直Fordは過去の経験からして悩ましいのですが、どうやらいまこのミュンヘン中央駅においてあるのは、まだたった14kmしか走っていない新品同様のクルマだということ。新車とあらば、新しい機能とか備わっていそうで面白そう、ということで、SIXTのお姉さんの言われるがままに、[highlight]Ford C-MAX[/highlight]に決めました。


Travel to a public parking lot a few minutes away from the station.

After the procedure is completed, you receive the key and move to the parking lot where you park your car. It is said that it is parked in a corner of the public parking lot that was a little far from the central station. I was handed a guide map to there.

If you park in the city or at the train station, the parking lot may be a bit far from the central station site. I’m pretty sure that’s the case at Rome Central Station. So, I walked according to the map which was handed to me. It seems to be here.

But the entrance was the back. If you look carefully, it was written properly on the map.

SIXT’s floor seems to be the 5th floor. Take the elevator up.

And this is my partner of this time. I see, it’s shiny like a new car and there is no scratch on it. If I scratched it, it would be obvious at once (laugh). If you look closely, you’ll see that the parking position number is 555, so here we go!




In addition, the interior relation is also very good in this Ford. Especially, the display of the dashboard of this driver’s seat is very optimized and good.