Germany and the Enclave Tour Fall 2015 Part 3: Touring Germany’s Alps

Germany and the enclave Tour 2015 autumn
Germany and the enclave Tour 2015 autumn

Date of visit: October 25, 2015 Weather: cloudy and sometimes sunny



Here is a brief introduction to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a town on the north side of the Alps.


The Winter Olympics are held here, and it is a mecca for winter sports in Germany. I guess it is famous for Nordic ski jumps and so on. I think I could see the jumping platform when I was driving in the city.


To AlpspiX

さて、ミュンヘン中央駅からGarmisch-Partenkirchenの街までは、アウトバーン経由で2時間弱といったところ。いや2時間もかかったかな?そして、市街地を通過して東側へ、「Garmisch Classics」なるエリアへと向かいます。まずはここにクルマを停めました。


But I’m going to climb up anyway. We bought a round trip ropeway ticket here.

It cost almost 30 euros, quite expensive.

Then you take the cable car to the observation deck AlpspiX. From the lower platform to the upper station « Station Osterfelderkopf », I think it took about 5 minutes to climb up. It’s quite close. The ropeway felt like one every 20 minutes or so. I’m sure they are somewhat aware of the timetable, but it seemed to depart when people had gathered to some extent. I feel like there was no particular timetable, but maybe I just missed it.

Station Osterfelderkopfの標高はおよそ2,000mなので、やはり下よりもずっと寒いです。厚着をしてきて大正解でした。早速、To AlpspiX向かいましょう。駅から徒歩1分–2分くらい、ひと坂を登る程度で着きます。入り口には、「こうやって作りました」的な案内板がありました。冷静にみると結構すごいかも。


Even though I’m not afraid of heights, just walking here makes me pretty dizzy.

We also have a Vine video. Do you think it conveys more?

By the way, this is what it looks like when you look down from the top of AlpspiX. 1.000m gap.

It is scary to look directly down, but the view in front is easy to appreciate, beautiful and inspiring. It’s just a pity about the weather. You can see the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen below.

So, we easily fulfilled our first objective. After a quick admiration of the nearby mountains, we took the ropeway back down again in a hurry.


It’s nice to relax, but we’re impatient travelers, so we might as well choose a car.


We got hungry around here, so we decided to have lunch in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. We went to the city center about 5 minutes east from Garmisch Classic, parked in the center of the city and looked for a restaurant.

Of course, it is convenient here too, TripAdvisor, as expected. The prepaid SIM of O2 which I bought in Munich also works well. By the way, I found out after I found the shop, Apple’s map seems to be doing well these days. Maybe I can use it more in abroad. Or, if you look carefully, the evaluation was quoted from TripAdvisor. In any case, I’ll keep it in mind.

さてさて、トリップアドバイザーを利用して、早速先生おすすめのZum Wildschutzというレストランに向かったのですが、やはり評判のせいなのかとても人気のようで入ることができませんでした。

ということで、次に選んだのがこのGasthaus zur Schranneというレストラン。

Perhaps because Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a tourist destination, there seems to be so many restaurants despite the small wait. I am sure it would have been interesting to stay there.

At the restaurant, we ordered some typical Bavarian dishes. It was a soup and a hearty meal of pork. Germans really like meat.

I’m so full.

Take the cable car to Tegelberg, view of Neuschwanstein Castle

Probably, we would have gone to the « Zugspitze » observatory after this. However, we didn’t stop there. We didn’t stop at Zugspitze because of the weather and we wanted to go to Neuschwanstein Castle.


Definitely a good angle! However, it was difficult to take a good picture because of the unexpectedly large number of people, the crowded ropeway, and the fast speed of the ropeway. Moreover, it was backlit…. Still, I managed to take some pictures.

And that’s all I wanted to do, to be honest (laughs). Actually, if you take the ropeway up to the top, you can hike while looking at the mountain called Tegelberg, but unfortunately, it was covered with thick fog up there, so we couldn’t appreciate it very slowly.

After that, we took the cable car back down again and took another picture of Neuschwanstein Castle from near the parking lot.

This is the end of Neuschwanstein Castle sightseeing. Yes, I won’t go to the castle. It’s crowded and it’s already evening. We didn’t plan to go there originally. Actually, according to my parents who went to the castle directly on this day, it was so crowded that they had to wait for 4 hours to get inside. I was surprised at the popularity of the castle as always.

Drive through the Bavarian foliage to Liechtenstein

I finished my sightseeing today, so I decided to go to the place where I stayed today. The Principality of Liechtenstein. It is a little more than two hours away from Neuschwanstein Castle. The time was dusk, and we drove through the Bavarian autumn leaves to Liechtenstein.


Yuu KOMATAさん(@yuukoma)が投稿した動画 –

The autumn leaves in Bavaria are really beautiful. I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful. After this, we will see the beautiful autumn leaves all through the trip.


Now, to get into Liechtenstein, you have to pass through the Swiss highway once, so you need a vignette.


So I had to get this vignette from somewhere. However, if you are crossing the border at high speed, you can buy it from the border guards, and if you are passing through on the open road, you can buy it directly from a gas station after entering Switzerland, so it should work out.

However, I was still worried because we were moving at dusk on Sunday, so I checked the route on Google Maps and made a plan where we would return before we left. According to the map, we would go on the open road for a while, get on the highway near the Swiss border, and get off the highway once at the border, so we could buy Swiss vinyls at an appropriate gas station at this timing. And luckily, there was a BP (gas station) at the entrance to the Swiss highway, so I decided to go there. I decided to go there.

Just when you think you’ve done your homework, it turns out that you’ll be passing through Austria for about 10 minutes before entering Switzerland! And on the highway.

Check on the map.




You know, when I bought a viniette at the Swiss-Austrian border, I asked myself, « Is it Swiss or Austrian? Austria? » When I bought a vignette at the Swiss-Austrian border, I was asked « Are you from Switzerland or Austria? In case of crossing the border by ordinary road, there are no border guards, so we were not stopped by them.

So we had a scare at the border crossing, but after entering the Swiss side, we drove on the autobahn without hesitation, and arrived at the hotel in Faduz safely, although the sun had gone down.