A day when I don’t see any clouds at all -2011 France Autumn realtime No.3

2011 France fall

2011France2 20111011-IMG_2705

Anyway, the weather has been so nice that we « don’t see any clouds at all ».

We arrived in Provence yesterday. On this day, we visited the so-called World Heritage Cities such as Arles and Avignon, as well as the cities that can be said to be the standard for sightseeing in Provence.

Arles, the first time in summer 2006, the second time in spring 2010, and this time. This was my third visit.

2011France2 20111011-IMG_2718

2011France2 20111011-IMG_2739

Avignon is the same. But in 2010, I just drove past the old town a few times. In that sense, this was my second visit.

2011France2 20111011-IMG_2761

2011France2 20111011-IMG_2802

We also visited the most beautiful village in France.

Les Baux-de-Provence

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It was just at dusk when we came back to Gordo, where we stayed, after these sightseeing.

2011France2 20111012-IMG_2908

Tonight we had a light dinner at a small bistro in the village. After that we went to take some night shots of the village.

2011France2 20111012-IMG_2948

When there are no clouds at all, the night sky is naturally beautiful. And after all, it is almost a full moon now.

2011France2 20111012-IMG_2965