I dropped my keys and didn’t expect a disaster!



When I was about to get on the elevator at home, I took my handkerchief out of my pocket, and I even took out my keys that were in the same right pocket with me, and I thought I accidentally dropped them on the floor…

I dropped it between the elevators of the apartment building, and I was sorry.

I had no choice but to call the landlord, but to my surprise, he had lost the spare key to his room, and it turned out that he couldn’t open the lock to my room with the master key he had. Seriously….

I ended up having to break the lock to get into the room!

We called the landlord’s favorite locksmith and spent the night scraping the cylinder.

Sparks fly, sparks fly…

Despite the inconvenience to our neighbors, we succeeded in breaking the cylinder and opening the door. They immediately replaced the cylinder with a new one, and now I can lock the door as usual, even though I broke it.

I was the one who dropped the key, but the landlord who couldn’t use the spare key or the master key was also at fault, so the landlord had to pay for all the work and cylinder replacement. Thank goodness.

Well, it’s been five whole years since I came to this apartment, but this is actually the first time I’ve met the landlord!

The reason is that this apartment is under company contract. In short, it’s company housing. I pay all the rent, but it’s deducted from my salary.

So the company does all the work around the contract, so I never had the chance to meet the landlord before. Well, what about that, I guess…