Beautiful villages, not all of them « right »… Day 7 in Bayonne – 2011 France Realtime No.8 – France Realtime

2011 France realtime

Fources 20110422-IMG_6257

Now it’s just the 7th day, the 22nd.

« There are more than 100 « most beautiful villages in France » in France. But there are some villages which are not so beautiful.

I thought today would be the day I hit it… but looking at the photos again, I’m not so sure. The power of photography is frightening…

Montreal 20110422-IMG_6328

Larressingle 20110422-IMG_6354

  • Fources(フルセ)
  • Montreal(モンレアル)
  • Larressingle(ラレザングル)

This area is a beautiful village concentrated within 10km. Actually, I was thinking to visit this area last year, but I couldn’t go there because of my schedule. It was easy to get there from Bordeaux, so I decided to go there.

The weather was still nice to be touring this area.

And the trouble was the route after that. Honestly speaking, when I visited these beautiful villages, I thought they were out of the way except for Laresangue, so I was a bit depressed and wondered if I should stop visiting beautiful villages today.

What we ended up choosing was to head to Lourdes Pau. And we decided to make Bayonne our final destination for the day.

Anyway, we drove on, and here I was tired for a week. On the way to Pau, I stopped the car on the road and took a nap. I was refreshed both physically and mentally.


That’s where the inspiration came from, right? Actually, we had already lost some time here, so it was difficult time to even visit Lourdes if you include Bayonne sightseeing.

But then I had an idea. If we skip Lourdes-Pau and go to Bayonne non-stop, we can go back the same route tomorrow and go north via Toulouse. I thought this was a good idea, because it was not difficult to travel about 400km on high speed.

After I was energized, I drove to Bayonne by highway. I was able to enter Bayonne in a happy mood while interacting with my friends on the way by tweaking.

A little sightseeing in Bayonne at dusk. It had stopped raining on the way to here.

Bayonne 20110423-IMG_6436