Mainland No.1 Get a Peugeot at Athens Airport! -2012 Greece No.17

2012 Greece


The highlight of the first half of the trip, Santorini to Athens. That night we stay at the airport hotel.

Now, from the 5th day of arrival in Greece, the trip to mainland Greece starts.

Of course, it will be a familiar road trip every time.

We checked out of the hotel at 9am the next morning and rented a car at the airport right in front of us. This time my partner is here!

Peugeot 207. I was always told that it was a Peugeot when I applied, but when I went there, it was a different model and I was always disappointed.

It’s been with me since Audi in Spain!

By the way, this time I rented from Sixt instead of Europcar.

It’s really cheap to rent a car here because it’s only 150 Euros even if you rent this class for 3 days including normal insurance.

It is a little underpowered, and the brake feeling is a concern, but the driving comfort is generally good.

It was congested until it passed through Athens, but when it passed through there, it seemed to be able to run through the highway and the general road at a stretch.