Germany and the Enclave Tour Autumn 2015, Part 8: Is it actually a German enclave? Beer Hall in Konstanz

Germany and the enclave Tour 2015 autumn
Germany and the enclave Tour 2015 autumn

Date of visit: 26 October 2015 Weather: fine

Everywhere you go in this country there’s good beer! It’s wonderful!

To Constance.


By the time we left Büsingen, a German enclave in Switzerland, it was completely dark, but thanks to the car’s navigation system (called GPS by people here), we were able to reach Konstanz safely. We booked a hotel facing the square on, so we were able to get there safely without getting lost in the town even though it was dark. As I predicted from Google Maps, there was a public parking lot (street parking) in the square that I was looking for, so I was able to park my car here safely.

The hotel was a bit expensive for a provincial city, but still 110 Euro per room. Is it expensive (laugh)? This was the best I could do considering the fact that it was booked on the day, had a parking lot, and was in a location that made it easy to get to the city at night. The hotel was reasonable, 3 star but I think it was comfortable 4 star class.

Difficult to find a restaurant

After checking in to the hotel and taking a break, we went into town to find a restaurant for the night.

As usual, we use the TripAdvisor app to find restaurants that look good.

This time, I also used Yelp, which I hadn’t used much before. And we found a restaurant about 2 minutes away from the hotel that was very highly rated on both TripAdvisor and Yelp, but unfortunately it was very popular and we couldn’t get in after all. It seems to be tough to enter a reputable restaurant without a reservation.

Just in case, I’ll introduce you to some of the shops. If you visit this city, please visit them.

Tamaras Weinstube Zum Guten Hirten (コンスタンツ) の口コミ・写真・地図 ? トリップアドバイザー

In addition, I found out when I used it in another city after this, that 5 red stars on Yelp is very rare, so I can say that the restaurant has a high reputation. From now on, I want to be useful with TripAdvisor.

So, we have no choice but to go somewhere else. However, there are few restaurants in this town. And many of them were closed on regular holidays. In the end, we were forced to go to various restaurants almost across the old town, but we still couldn’t find any. I don’t know what to do…

Go to the local beer hall.

However, we kept wandering around the city, and when we almost gave up at the end of the old town, we found a lively place outside a house. That was this beer hall.

It seems to be quite crowded and there are many customers. There seems to be a spaciousness, but it seems to be full. Is it all right? But we had no other choice, so we entered fearlessly, and luckily we were able to sit here because the customer who was sitting at the counter was just leaving. By the way, it was the first time for me to enter this type of beer hall in Germany. Is it better to call it a beer bar?

The seat we were led to was a counter seat, a perfect place where we could see the beer being passed on one after another in front of us without endurance up close. This seems to be promising.

I look at the menu to order immediately.

やっぱり安い!いずれの種類も0.5リッターでも3.8ユーロくらいなので500円くらい。ビールの種類は、このメニュー表から推測するに、IPAタイプのMESSING、ドゥンケルタイプのKUPFER、そしてヴァイスビアWEIZEN BIERが用意してあるようです。我々は最初にMESSINGとKUPFERを頼みました。


The food is also as good as ever. I felt that I was a little vitamin deficient, so I wanted a hearty salad. But the only one I could find was Salad Niçoise, so I went for this one. It’s not really German food. But it was delicious.

And for the main course, we had Jägerschnitzel. This one is a typical German dish in reverse.

Both of these were very tasty. Both of them are full of volume. It was enough for two couples to share two dishes.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was lively and nice, and everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

The price is also very reasonable: €39.80. For two people, this price is very satisfying.

At one point we wondered what would happen, but we were happy to find a great beer hall in the end.