Pilgrimage Road Trip No.12 Ponferrada – Camino de Santiago 2012

2012 Spain and France
2012 Spain and FrancePilgrimage Route drive of Santiago de Compostela

Ponferrada 20120516-IMG_1828

Ponferrada 20120516-IMG_1825

Date and time of visit: May 16, 2012, around 8:00 a.m. (previous night)

We’ve come a long way west.

Well, on the 15th, which was the best weather, the last place we visited and where we stayed for the day was Ponferrada. It’s about 30 minutes away from Astorga.

It is the base of the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, but the scale of the city is that of a European provincial city.

We chose a hotel facing the central square of the old town.

Ponferrada 20120516-IMG_1801

As the timing was right, the parking lot was also located under this square, so the check-in was very smooth.

Now it was the next day after recovering from the fatigue. We started the day with a walk around the city, which of course we hadn’t seen yet.

Ponferrada 20120516-IMG_1805

On the square is the magnificent City Hall.

Ponferrada 20120516-IMG_1802

The pilgrims were moving in about the same direction, so I decided to follow them.

Ponferrada 20120516-IMG_1809

Apparently, there is a magnificent castle in this city.

Ponferrada 20120516-IMG_1812

The back here is the exit of the city in the order of the pilgrimage route.

Ponferrada 20120516-IMG_1813

A splendid castle. Incidentally, there is a theory that the name « Ponferrada » is derived from « Pons Ferrata » which means « strong bridge » or « iron bridge ».

Ponferrada 20120516-IMG_1825

View of the city from the exit side.

Ponferrada 20120516-IMG_1828

Back to the square again and to the parking lot.

Ponferrada 20120516-IMG_1836