Last day in Provence, Marseille -2011 France Autumn realtime No.6-

2011 France fall

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Now, it’s the last day in Provence. We are going back to Paris by the night flight.

This day is a leisurely sightseeing in Marseille.

First, Marseille Old Port at dawn. From the window of the hotel.

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After the meal, we started sightseeing around 10 o’clock. First, we went to « Notre-Dame de la Garde Temple BASILIQUE DE NOTRE-DAME-DE-LA-GARDE » on the hill overlooking the city.

2011France2 20111014-IMG_4077

The weather was wonderful again today.

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By the way, I took a taxi from the old port to save time and the hill was too hard.

On the way back, we walked to the old port. It was 10 euros.

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2011France2 20111014-IMG_4299

Go to the old port again. A meal here. I made it to bouillabaisse again.

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Well, I had a lot of time left because I did sightseeing unexpectedly efficiently, so I went to the airport early. We left Marseille at 19:20 and arrived at Paris at 21:00.

We will spend our last night in France in Paris. The hotel is like an attic.

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