Piana – The most beautiful villages in France 2013 No.2 – ★★☆☆☆☆

Most beautiful village Tour of France
Most beautiful village Tour of FranceThe most beautiful villages of France

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Date of visit: May 5, 2013, around 3:00 p.m.

The visit was two days after Sant’Antonino, and Piana was the last tourist destination in Corsica.


I was most looking forward to visiting Corsica, as it is a World Heritage Site and a beautiful village….

It wasn’t a surprise.

The entrance to the village is beautiful, but after all, there is no parking at all.

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We barely parked in front of the village hall and started to walk around, but it was hard to find a suitable spot to take pictures of this Kalanque…

It was hard to find.

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Piana  20130505-_MG_6739

Also, there was nothing to see in the village…. But I tried my best to take some pictures.

Piana  20130505-_MG_6719

Piana  20130505-_MG_6690

When I look at the photo again, it seems to be good…

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Piana  20130505-_MG_6661

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There is an information board here and there, but is it my imagination that I did not feel the will to put effort into sightseeing too much?

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Piana  20130505-_MG_6666

There were hotels in places, though.

It was beautiful near the village hall where we parked, though.

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Piana  20130505-_MG_6734

There were also few points where you could take a good panoramic view of the village.

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Piana  20130505-_MG_6748

There were some electric wires in the way. I actually erased them with Photoshop (laughs).

The village was a bit disappointing as we had a hard time reaching it as the road from Ajaccio is quite steep there. It might have been due to the weather.