CD « It will be spring soon (Kazuo Yamada symphonic works) » by Nipponica is on sale.

05. Musicorchestra

もう直き春になるだらう (山田一雄交響作品集)

Orchestra Nipponica Yoshikazu Tanaka, conductor Eizuko Yamada, soprano


オクタヴィア・レコード 2012-03-28

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ニッポニカさんと鎌響さん、聴きに行ってきました | my lifelog

A CD of that concert has just been released!


1. Kazuo Yamada: « Young Man’s Song » (Small Symphony for Large String Orchestra)

2. Kazuo Yamada: Symphony Suite « Spellbound » 1st movement

3. Kazuo Yamada: Symphony Suite « Spellbound » 2nd movement

4. Kazuo Yamada: Symphony suite « Spellbound » 3rd movement

5. Kazuo Yamada: Symphonic Suite « Spellbound » 4th movement

6. Kazuo Yamada: It’ll be spring soon (poem: Shiro Samon)

7. Kazuo Yamada: Japanese Song (Poem: Sumako Fukao)

8. Kazuo Yamada: Ohomutakara Op. 20

9. Kazuo Yamada: Symphonic « Kiso » for Large String Orchestra, Op. 12


The 100th Anniversary of Kazuo Yamada’s Birth The Unknown World of the Composer Kazuo Yamada (Kazuo)

The legendary Japanese conductor Kazuo Yamada will celebrate the 20th anniversary of his death in 2011 and the 100th anniversary of his birth in 2012. Although not widely known, Kazuo Yamada has left behind many original works, including orchestral music, chamber music, and piano works. The origin of his passionate and brilliant music was born from his compositional activities, and this album will play an extremely important role in the story of Kazuo Yamada. His later music as a conductor is already contained in these works, and many of the musical ideas reminiscent of Mahler also appear. These works are the starting point of the musician Kazuo Yamada, and they are filled with his passion and love for music. Yoshikazu Tanaka, who conducts this album, is a disciple of Kazuo Yamada. Eizuko Yamada, who plays a splendid soprano, is Kazuo Yamada’s daughter. This is a special album for this memorial year.


I was shown around when I was with the person who plays here at the Gijin-oke the other day.