« Dynamic Views » is very cool "multi-dimensional" information management, I feel the possibility of providing information.


It’s turning into a very cool site…

I know the topic is a little old, but…

I wrote in my diary a while ago, the official blog of google and Gmail about the Gmail application that was re-released today:.

Gmail app for iOS available in the App Store (again)

I excepted it on my lunch break today, and was surprised to see what a cool layout it has!

Dynamic Views, » which uses the latest web technologies

The invitation for this cool layout is in the Blogger template that was released in September.

They’ve adopted a template called « Dynamic Views. »

« If you’d like to learn more about Dynamic Views, here’s a detailed video created by Google.

Please have a look.

Try different kinds of views.

What are its « Dynamic Views »? You’ll find out soon enough when you see it in action.

If you look closely, you’ll notice a menu bar that looks like this

If so, you’ll have to click on various things.

Then, for example, « Flipcard. »

As you can see, the thumbnails of the photos in each blog post are arranged like this, and when you click on them, the corresponding post will be launched in Lightbox.

It’s just like jQuery, Ajax, and other mainstream web technologies are fully utilized to make it tasteful.

You can also enjoy various other modes. Magazine is my favorite so far.

You’re really good at « showing off »! And the processing speed and display speed is just so fast, isn’t it?

Google is probably the best company in the world at thinking about how to make a huge archive look more efficient.

Possibility of « multi-dimensional » information management and information provision capabilities



I was able to really feel that this was a great opportunity for me.

I guess it’s like I’ve added a new « dimension » to the way I look at blogs.

タグという概念も、ある意味ブログの見方に加えられた新しい”次元”だと言えると思いますが、このDynamic Viewsもそうした新しい”次元”ではないでしょうか。どちらかというとタグはカテゴライズの新しい次元と言えますが、Dynamic Viewsはさらにその見方に新しい次元を導入したといえるでしょう。


I myself have been struggling for a long time with how to organize and present the large amount of archives on my blog efficiently, and I think this will be extremely helpful in solving this problem.