Sleepless weekend



I don’t need to tell you this now, but I spent all of Saturday in front of my PC working on something related to the website. I woke up at 10 o’clock in the morning, and I remembered that I had been working until 4 o’clock in the morning the day before, and then I brought my netbook to a nearby family restaurant by car, and I made a homepage while refilling many drinks. I was working on my PC all the time except for meal time.

There were many results. I have already written about this many times.

I haven’t yet created a platform to create a « Google Earth travelogue in a web browser », which is one of my goals, but I’m certainly making steady progress.

But this time I have a clearer goal than ever, so I can work faster. I really think that vision is important. The reason I was able to make such a big progress in such a short time (actually, it’s only been about three days since I renewed this page) is that I studied the Movable Type template properly again. Studying properly was the best shortcut after all. There are still a lot of design problems, but for now, I think I’ve almost achieved « a portal site for collecting my own information and hobbies, and a platform that is easy to update frequently.

From now on, I’d like to create contents one after another without changing the page layout any more. Uploading the past blogs is also a part of this process.

I’m also trying new things, such as starting an affiliate program, so I need to find ways to get more people to see this site. I have quite a bit of material and content, and I hope I can keep it coming.

For example.

  • 自分が訪問したヨーロッパの街や世界遺産をひとつひとつ写真やGoogle Earth or Mapを交えて紹介するブログ
  • ヨーロッパドライブ虎の巻

I’m also thinking of writing a series of articles such as this, separate from my real-time travelogue. I’d like to start this with the feeling that it would be nice if I could advertise it well and get regular readers, or even if I didn’t have to be so greedy, if only my close friends would read it, even if only occasionally.

I don’t think my days of « sitting around » in front of the PC are going to end for a while.