Semur-en-Brionnais – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2012 No.3

2012 Spain and FranceThe most beautiful villages of France

Semur-en-Brionnais 20120504-IMG_6244

Semur-en-Brionnais 20120504-IMG_6200

Date of visit: May 4, 2012, around 10:00 a.m.

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comprehensive evaluation

Overall Rating.


ease of going

The easier it is to get to and find, the higher the rating.


A lot of things to see

The more there is to see and do, the higher the rating.


Ease of parking

Easy to find, easy to park, spacious, etc.


restaurant (esp. Western-style)

Availability and number of restaurants, etc.


merchant’s home (esp. used by apprentices, etc.)

Availability and number of shops (souvenirs, food and drink), etc.



Availability and number of hotels, ease of accommodation, etc.


The second day of the France section begins. The first beautiful village of the day is « Semur-en-Brionnais », which is about an hour drive from Moulins.

The village is located on National Highway N79 east, south near Digowan, and 5 km east of the town of Marsigny.

There was no conspicuous public parking, but we found a good space near the village entrance and parked there.

Semur-en-Brionnais 20120504-IMG_6212

We walked for a few minutes to the center of the village.

The village is characterized by its old castle, which is relatively old and was probably used from the 11th to the 18th century.

Semur-en-Brionnais 20120504-IMG_6229

Semur-en-Brionnais 20120504-IMG_6288

And this is the church.

Semur-en-Brionnais 20120504-IMG_6233

After all, it was chosen as a beautiful village, so it has something. This church is very magnificent and big compared to the size and simplicity of the village.

Semur-en-Brionnais 20120504-IMG_6239

Still, it’s a beautiful day.

Semur-en-Brionnais 20120504-IMG_6241

The inside of the church was also very nice.

Semur-en-Brionnais 20120504-IMG_6259

Semur-en-Brionnais 20120504-IMG_6260

Semur-en-Brionnais 20120504-IMG_6276

It was difficult to visit this place even by car because it is almost 80km away from Clermont Ferrand and Lyon and there are no sightseeing spots around, but it was worth visiting just to see this church.

After this we were going to visit a village called Charu, but we took a wrong turn and couldn’t visit it… This day’s next visit to a beautiful village will be in the evening.