Oita Travel by ANA Rakupak No.2


Visit Date: December 21, 2014

This past weekend, after the orchestra’s performance, I went on a two-day, one-night trip to Oita with my wife.

Arrival at Oita Airport


This is my first time in Oita. As for Kyushu itself, I went to Fukuoka and Nagasaki only once when I was a junior high school student. It was quite a long time ago. So I haven’t been to Kyushu since then.

Kunisaki Car Rental

After arriving at the airport, contact the car rental company and ask them to pick you up at the airport. Local car rental company, it was quite far from the airport. It took 5 or 6 minutes by car.



Cold enough, cloudy and occasional light rain. It could have been snow. The trip started with a lot of anxiety.

Usa Jingu: Welcome to USA

さて、最初に我々が訪れたのは、宇佐神宮。"Welcome to USA"という看板に歓迎されて宇佐神宮に到着。

八幡総本宮 宇佐神宮 http://www.usajinguu.com/

This is one of the spots recommended by my friend who knows Oita well.

It is the head temple of Hachiman Shrine in Japan, and has a deep history and a connection with the imperial family (mythology?). The shrine has a deep history and is related to the imperial family (mythology?).

It was a wonderful shrine with a stately structure and building.

We had a light lunch here.

We had the Karaage set meal because Karaage is a specialty. Well, it was normal…

The dumpling soup of the Oita specialty was also attached.

It’s like a flat pancake. I miss this kind of taste. My grandfather, who was from Kyushu, used to make this kind of suiton soup.

To Yufuin

In the occasional sleet-like weather, we headed to Yufuin, where we continued to worry about the weather. Incidentally, we’re staying at Yunohira Onsen, which is further inland than Yufuin. I’m worried about the snow.

Worry is worry, but sightseeing is also important. We parked at a suitable place and walked around the hot spring town of Yufuin. To be honest, I didn’t like it because it was too mundane.

I thought I’d have a coffee and cake in a cafe, but there were very few cafes. They were all crappy souvenir shops. So we had to wait for almost 10 people at the cafe which seemed to be popular.

We were at a cafe that seemed to be somewhat empty, but there were only a few types of cakes, most of which were already sold out.

I had no choice but to order coffee and black sesame pudding.

The black sesame pudding, although on the tasty side, was strong in cream, that is, it was too creamy and not my favorite type either.