Mirmande – The most beautiful villages in France 2012 No.15 -★★★★★

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Mirmande  20120507-IMG_7866

Mirmande  20120507-IMG_7902

Date of visit: May 6, 2012, around 6:00 p.m.

On a very productive May 6, the fifth beautiful village of the day, and the last of the day, was Mirmande.

By this time, the weather is completely clear. It’s six o’clock in the evening, but very hot and bright!

Successfully parked at the entrance to the village, good view of the village!

Mirmande  20120507-IMG_7979

But still, this blue sky feels so good!

Mirmande  20120507-IMG_7892

Such a lovely village from the outside, but of course the inside of the village is just as beautiful as you’d expect!

Mirmande  20120507-IMG_7929

Mirmande  20120507-IMG_7936

There were many people at the cafes and restaurants at the entrance of the village, but not many people walking around in the village. Maybe because it was almost dinner time?

Mirmande  20120507-IMG_7948

Mirmande  20120507-IMG_7966

We also went to the highest point of the village.

Mirmande  20120507-IMG_7954

There was a church on the hill. But we couldn’t go inside.

Mirmande  20120507-IMG_7951

I was really impressed with the beauty of all the villages we visited that day. I don’t think I have ever experienced a day so blessed with both weather and villages.

But that’s it for this day’s sightseeing.

Thinking about the next day, we moved to Grenoble, 130km away at once. Since it is a big city, we decided to go there without reservation because we thought we could get a hotel anyhow.

We arrived in Grenoble just before 9 p.m., just before dark, but it was a very comfortable long drive because we were able to drive on the highway in good weather.