Ainhoa – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2011 No.17 -★★★★★

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Ainhoa 20110423-IMG_6664

Date of visit: April 23, 2011

It has just been 7 days since we arrived in France. I didn’t expect to be in the Basque Country. I’ve been here for a week, especially because I was able to do a lot of sightseeing in Brittany ahead of schedule.


The Spanish border is just around the corner, less than 6km away.

Bordeaux, where we stayed the night before, is also in the Aquitaine region, which is in the southwest of France, and we had planned to visit last year, but due to the Icelandic volcano, we were forced to come to France from Barcelona, Spain, so we couldn’t go. So I’m really happy to be here.

The first place to visit on the 23rd is « Ainhoa » which takes about 30 minutes from Bayonne.

Well, for the first time in my life, I’m a « French Basque. »

景 色 が め ち ゃ く ち ゃ き れ い !!!

Ainhoa 20110423-IMG_6694

It’s more hilly than I expected, but anyway, there aren’t many places that are so fun to ride, right?

Around the entrance to the village, there’s this view!

Ainhoa 20110423-IMG_6686

Ainhoa 20110423-IMG_6700

Yes, as it was the case in Brittany, the road signs are written in the local language as well. It’s fun just to look at them.

Ainhoa 20110423-IMG_6688

Because I was not blessed with a good village yesterday, I park in the parking lot a little bit excitedly into the village. I was surprised to see so many hotels. I should have stayed here instead of Bayonne.

Ainhoa 20110423-IMG_6571

Ainhoa 20110423-IMG_6701

The village is only a few hundred meters in size, facing the D20 road. The houses are typical of the Basque Country around this road.

Ainhoa 20110423-IMG_6573

Ainhoa 20110423-IMG_6621

And of course the church. It was also a church with a very unique atmosphere. As I have mentioned many times, the churches in the beautiful villages are all very impressive and have a different aura from those in other towns and villages.

Ainhoa 20110423-IMG_6628

Ainhoa 20110423-IMG_6650

I didn’t expect to be in Basque, but I’m really glad I came all the way.

Ainhoa 20110423-IMG_6661

Then we will head to the next village.

Ainhoa 20110423-IMG_6677

Well, before that. I’m going to Spain.