Marseille No.4 Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde Abbey – 2011 France Autumn – Marseille

2011 France fall

Marseille 20111014-IMG_4078

Date and time of visit: October 14, 2011, 10:00 a.m.

A few more to follow.

When we arrived in Marseille on the 13th the day before and drove around the city for a bit, we were very impressed to see a lovely church that stood out from everywhere on a hill overlooking Marseille, so we decided to head there the day after we arrived.

There was no public transportation other than bus, so we took a taxi from the old port. I was asked in French whether I should take a taxi to this place or not, but I didn’t know well, so I told them to take me to the top of the hill and walk back.

This one is called « Notre Dame de la Garde ».

Marseille 20111014-IMG_4049

The striped design is beautiful.

By the way, what’s the difference between a church and a temple in terms of Christianity? Well, I think it is still a religious institution.

It seems to be not so old church. The inside is glittering, but it might be a little lack of dignity without history after all.

Marseille 20111014-IMG_4081-Edit

Of course, the views from the hill overlooking Marseille are spectacular.

Marseille 20111014-DSC02128

After all, it was a beautiful day as you can see! We were really blessed with good weather for this fall trip.

Marseille 20111014-IMG_4074

Marseille 20111014-IMG_4120

Marseille 20111014-IMG_4115

You can also see the old port where we were staying.

Marseille 20111014-IMG_4133

By the way, this fort, which is located not far from the port of Marseille, is called « CHATEAU D’IF », and it is also known as the setting of Dumas’ short story « The Count of Monte Cristo ».

Marseille 20111014-IMG_4076