Lourmarin – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2011 No.59 -★★★★☆

2011 France fall
2011 France fallThe most beautiful villages of France

Lourmarin 20111013-IMG_3672

Lourmarin 20111013-IMG_3664

Date of visit: October 13, 2011, around midnight

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comprehensive evaluation

Overall Rating.


ease of going

The easier it is to get to and find, the higher the rating.


A lot of things to see

The more there is to see and do, the higher the rating.


Ease of parking

Easy to find, easy to park, spacious, etc.


restaurant (esp. Western-style)

Availability and number of restaurants, etc.


merchant’s home (esp. used by apprentices, etc.)

Availability and number of shops (souvenirs, food and drink), etc.



Availability and number of hotels, ease of accommodation, etc.


It was not so far from Roussillon on the map, but it took longer time than I expected because the road was unexpectedly steep and it was under construction, but we arrived around noon.

The second beautiful village of the day is Lourmarin, with its impressive chateau on the edge of the village.

Lourmarin 20111013-IMG_3647

This chateau was selling wine, so I wonder if it is also famous as a wine chateau there. It is true that there were many vineyards. We parked our car in front of the chateau.

Well, this village was kind of cute. I’m afraid it’s a common expression, but it’s a very French village.

Lourmarin 20111013-IMG_3761

Lourmarin 20111013-IMG_3745

Lourmarin 20111013-IMG_3735

It was just lunchtime, so there were many people enjoying their meals at the village restaurant.

Lourmarin 20111013-IMG_3703

There are restaurants there, but I think it is easy to do sightseeing because souvenir shops are also rather substantial.

And here and there, you can see people who visit this village by bicycle. I’ve seen a lot of people on bicycles when I was driving, but I think I saw more people on bicycles in this village.

Lourmarin 20111013-IMG_3700

Lourmarin 20111013-IMG_3746

Plus, there might have been a lot of cats somehow (laughs).

Lourmarin 20111013-IMG_3727

Lourmarin 20111013-IMG_3781

It was a wonderful village that left a great impression on me in many ways.

Now, we will visit one more beautiful village at the end. In the next article, we will finally finish our tour of beautiful villages.